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Slaves, Speed Demons, Snake Stones: New Welsh History?

Why a ‘New History of Wales’? The Western Mail claims to be ‘ripping up the stereotypes’ for Welsh History Month. Three members of Glamorgan’s history division have contributed to the newpaper’s ‘New History of Wales’ series. Drawing on their recent … Continue reading

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Recipes, Remedies, Receipts: seventeenth-century medicine revealed!

New Website: Early Modern Remedies Three hundred years ago, ‘snail water’ and ‘oil of swallows’ were just two out of thousands of everyday remedies that people routinely used to cure their variety of ailments. But where did this knowledge come … Continue reading

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Desperate Remedies?

The History Society Presents … Alun Withey What was it like to experience illness or surgery during the seventeenth century? This was a time when trained doctors were rare, surgery excruciatingly painful, if not fatal, and remedies concocted from a … Continue reading

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Forthcoming paper: Alun Withey on early modern medicine

‘The ‘Dyn Hysbys’ and the Doctor: reassessing the medical history of early modern Wales’ Wednesday 29 October 2008 2.30pm, D121b, University of Glamorgan (Treforest Campus) Alun Withey graduated with first class honours in History from Glamorgan in 2005 and his … Continue reading

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