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Where a History Degree might bring you

A history degree could be the beginning of a lifetime working with the past – or the first step in a career you’d never thought of. Four history graduates will share their experiences and connections with current students at an … Continue reading

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Slaves, Speed Demons, Snake Stones: New Welsh History?

Why a ‘New History of Wales’? The Western Mail claims to be ‘ripping up the stereotypes’ for Welsh History Month. Three members of Glamorgan’s history division have contributed to the newpaper’s ‘New History of Wales’ series. Drawing on their recent … Continue reading

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‘Our Work Is a Mission’

The Friends’ Relief Service and Displaced People after the Second World War Image: Members of FRS 124 leaving Tilbury for Ostend in July 1945, from the Friends’ Library, London. Used with permission of the Religious Society of Friends in Great … Continue reading

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